GOTOpia Chaos Engineering Day 2021

Thursday Feb 18
13:50 –
Room 1

Converging Applications & Audiences - the Return to "Dumb Pipes" - Security Chaos Engineering: Pushing Security from Theory to Practice

13.50pm -14.10pm

KRIS BEEVERS: Converging applications & audiences - the return to "dumb pipes"

Through the lens of DNS - the first touchpoint between audiences and applications - we'll examine how application networking has grown in complexity to address reliability and security risks and solve for increasingly dynamic and distributed footprints.

The future will take a turn - collapsing application networking complexity into the audience footprint to distribute the risk surface, crush blast radius, and drive a return to dumb pipes.

14.10pm - 14.30pm

JAMIE DICKEN: Security Chaos Engineering: Pushing security from theory to practice

Our security programs are full of assumptions. We believe that engineers implement all security requirements without error before deploying systems to production. We take for granted that the security solutions we purchase and implement actually protect our applications, infrastructure, and data. The ultimate effectiveness of a security program, however, cannot rely on assumptions. Mistakes, accidents, and misconfigurations weaken the best-designed security solutions, architectural patterns, and technical designs, leaving our companies vulnerable to breaches.

The application of Chaos Engineering to the security domain proves to be the logical solution to this problem. By testing and validating our own systems, we can tease out false assumptions, proactively identify opportunities for security hardening or remediation, and fix them before an adversary exploits them.

In this session, we will discuss the principles of Security Chaos Engineering and share the real-life story of establishing the practice at Cardinal Health – a Fortune 20 healthcare company. We will also show you how you can do the same – regardless of your organization’s size, scale, industry, or cybersecurity maturity. Join us and learn how Chaos Engineering can help increase confidence in your security posture.

14.30pm - 14.50pm Q&A